• Access to alternative asset classes (domestic and international) and extensive investment management experience.
  • Hedge funds can take advantage of both rising and falling financial markets.
  • Fund managers have more investment tools at their disposal.
  • Hedge funds can assist in capital protection.
  • Control and flexibility – All fees levied on our portfolios are fully disclosed.
  • All fees levied are completely transparent.
  • No Initial Administration Fees – No initial administration fees are levied on this investment.
  • Financial Advisors – You may choose to appoint a Financial Advisor (if required).
  • Regular Reporting– We provide regular and easy to understand investment reports.

Please note:

  • All portfolios can be accessed via the cost effective Prime Investment Product Suite;
  • Institutional investors may apply for direct investment into specific classes of portfolios; and
  • Certain partner portfolios can be accessed via that partner investment channel directly.

Based on your needs, select a suitable risk profile below for a comprehensive list of portfolios within each risk category.


Read and understand the relevant portfolio Minimum Disclosure Document (MDD).


Identify a suitable Prime Investment Product or partner portfolio asset manager through which you would like to access the desired portfolio/s.


Follow the selected product investment process.

Please address any queries you may have in this regard to save@primeinvestments.co.za or discuss with your Financial Advisor.