Prime Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (“PFS”) was formally established in 2005 with the objective of providing niche financial services in the investment arena. PFS consists of a group of independent financial service providers and retirement funds, focused on providing competitive and cost effective investment solutions.

Investment Plan

The Prime Investment Plan is a flexible, cost effective savings solution.

Tax Free Savings

The Prime Tax-Free Savings Plan is a simple and tax efficient savings solution providing returns that are completely tax free.

Preservation Plan

The Prime Preservation Pension/Provident Plans are easy-to-understand pre-retirement savings solutions.

Retirement Plan

The Prime Retirement Plan provides individuals with a tax efficient, easy-to-understand and cost effective way to save.

Living Annuity

The Prime Living Annuity Plan is a post retirement savings and income solution.

Unit Trust PLan

The Prime Collective Investment Schemes and its co-named partners offer a wide range of affordable investment portfolios.